This astonishing sound quality of DAC LA-100 was designed by Mr. Søren Mac Larsen, who had worked in Hi-Fi Audio field in Denmark for more than 20 years as a designer and chief technical officer. Mr. Søren Mac Larsen has developed many remarkable Digital Algorithms for Hi-Fi Audio and has been involved in designing high end products such as Hi-Fi CD players, amplifiers and groundbreaking Digital Room Compensation unit (DRC) in famous Danish Audio product companies. Along with his admiring previous digital and analog Audio products, Mr. Søren Mac Larsen has created another high fidelity of sound from his recently introduced product DAC to show his respect to Hi-Fi world. Please enjoy the details of high fidelity sound from LA-100.

Lead Audio is committed in making the very best sounding products for listening to music through a computer or other digital devices. The LA 120 is a DAC (Digital to Analog converter) that connects to a computer (USB), but also to other digital audio sources like TV, Blu-ray DVD players, and CD's. The Output of the LA120 DAC can be connected to a power amplifier, or used standalone as a headphone amplifier.
It is based on the successful LA-100 that was rewarded as "The Best DAC of the year in 2010/2011" by "Hifi & Musik". LA-120 is an improved version of LA-100 but kept the basic circuitry.
The LA100 is known for being one of the best sounding DACs, so we only made very small improvements in the sound processing.